General Rules of Power Distributors for High-End Audio

Function / Purpose:

To distribute mains supply without negative influences and to remove power mains interferences.

Short enlightenment about power mains network disturbances:

In today’s power supply networks, network disturbances are becoming more and more common. Non-linear operating resources such as switching power supplies, UPS systems, frequency converters, electronic ballasts (EB), increasingly, inverters from photovoltaic systems (PV systems), or at present also being promoted PLC (Power Line Communication) technology…
All of them contributes to primarily “pollute” the public power supply network, and of course internal energy supply of a building. The current flow, among others, is then often no longer sinusoidal but “distorted, indented” and exposed to a wide spectrum of disturbing frequencies. They are distributed throughout the electrical system.
Although these frequencies are outside of audible spectrum, nevertheless they can contaminate the very complex and sensitive music signal and certainly affect listening pleasure!

The enlightenment about the necessity of the high-quality connections and general mechanical stability you can find here.

Application and Benefit

High-quality power distributors largely eliminate the above mentioned phenomena
and become an indispensable part of the audio component chain.
Undoubtedly, high-quality power distributors make a significant contribution (upgrade),
especially to the top high-end devices that usually transmit the finest details from a music signal, but unfortunately any disturbance in general in the same way.
A high-quality power distributor is also a useful addition for entry-level high-end components that normally do not have sufficient line filtering.

Summary of the Most Important Prerequisites
for a High-End Audio Power Distributor:

  • Quality of the connections
  • Overall mechanical stability
  • Isolate external mechanical vibration
  • Protection against power network contaminations



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  • 8 Outlets equipped with the C-LOCK fastening system*​:
    -> 4 filtered outlets with cascaded EMI Filter – PURIFIED OUTPUTS: intended for Sources, Pre-Amps, DACs etc.​​
    -> 4 high power unfiltered outlets – DIRECT OUTPUTS: intended for Power Amplifiers, Power Supplies, Conditioners etc.
  • All 8 Outlets are 20-Amp rated
  • 20-Amp AC-Mains Input equipped with the C-LOCK fastening system*
  • Vibration Dampening by an elastomeric potting compound
  • Unique Block Audio adjustable feet with integrated spikes
  • True RMS AC-Mains Voltage Monitor, On/Off-switchable
  • GND binding post
  • Anodized aluminum case
  • Color: Silver-Black


Purified Outlets Current: up to 3 A total, fuse-protected
Direct Outlets Current: up to 20 A total
Noise Suppression sym.: >40 dB @100 kHz – 30 MHz (Purified Outlets)
      Noise Suppression asym.: >70 dB @100 kHz – 30 MHz (Purified Outlets)
Mains Voltage Rating: max. 250 V AC RMS, 50 – 60 Hz
Input Current Rating: 20 A (max. continuous current)
Dimensions: 360/14.2(w) × 230/9.1(d) × 135/5.3(h) mm/inch
Weight: 8.5 kg / 19 lbs., ~10 kg / 22 lbs. shipping
All prices are excluding Tax.