Power Connection Guard

Many of today’s High-End audio components claim to reach for perfection…
However, with power cable connection, “perfectionism” usually ends.
But in fact, everything begins right here:
All components are supplied with essential energy through this connection!
Therefore, this connection must be maintained absolutely secure.
And more than this: Reliably free of vibrations & resonances,
movements causing short transients…
In the real world of High-End Audio, most aftermarket power cords
are usually very heavy and inflexible.
Your standard wall power outlet isn’t intended for such heavy loads.
Consequently, the contacts in the standard wall sockets are very overloaded,
bent and can even be broken.
This is hardly perfection — nor fully realizing the benefits
of your expensive aftermarket power cable.

Now there is a complete solution for the above-mentioned weaknesses:

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C-LOCK stabilizes and guarantees a perfectly connected power cable.

C-LOCK ensures a guaranteed stable supply of power.

C-LOCK safeguards your expensive audio equipment from damage caused through poor mains connection.

C-LOCK is ideal for Power Conditioners using aftermarket High-End power cords, as well as all types of audiophile components.

C-LOCK enhances audio performance and your musical listening pleasure.

C-LOCK is an absolutely meaningful, and not overly-expensive, completion of your entire audio system chain.



  • It is unique worldwide and patented solution.
  • The C-LOCK fastening system is very easy to install and use.
  • Highest quality materials, workmanship and appearance.
  • Suitable for all types of AC power connectors with a diameter from 32 to 42 mm / 1.26 to 1.65 inches.
  • Guarantees a fixed and always stable contact.
  • Reliably stabilizes the AC Power Connector against:
    • Unwanted disconnection or partially pulling out from socket.
    • Movements causing harmful “short transients” due to short power interruptions.
    • Vibrations / Resonances that are known be harmful to sound performance.
  • Mechanically relieves the wall outlet and the power cable connector, especially the contacts, from overloading, bending, breaking when using heavy and inflexible High-End power cables.
  • Protects the contacts against dust and moisture and thereby prevents, or at least slows down their oxidation, and thus ensures the ideal, long-term electrical connection.
  • SE² models are equipped with the best audiophile-grade Furutech rhodium-plated NCF wall outlet and with extended shielding to suppress radiated EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).