Our Story

“The best story is when you press the PLAY button and you will find yourself in the concert hall along with the artist you love. Thus, we perceive the music, emotion and design of amplifiers.”


Everything started more than 20 years ago. By the simple task: To find the right amplifier for demonstration of High-End loudspeakers we were dealing with. Worldwide offerings are so plentiful, so it sounds like a simple thing, doesn’t it? There was a long way to come: many hundreds of tests, tries and refusing to compromise like many really expensive approaches often do.


Then the desire and need become to reality.

We decided to design, develop and produce our own amplifiers. When you build something for yourself, it is impossible to make any compromises. You can´t lie to yourself. So, we finally developed our battery-powered, dual-chassis and dual-mono preamplifier Line & Power Block and Class-A monaural power amplifier Mono Block.


It was not as easy as writing about it here. Now it is done. The reproduction of music as we believe it to be true to the actual performance. And now available for you — if you are ready for uncompromising sound? It will open your eyes — maybe better said — ears. Welcome to the ultimate quality by BLOCK AUDIO.


BLOCK AUDIO: “Crafted without Compromises”


Just like you, we believe in musical perfection. Why be satisfied with the average when we can strive for excellence? Our mission is to bring the ultimate quality of music to your home. Every component is crafted with passion and the respect for every detail. And we make them to last forever!

This is how we deliver an unforgettable musical experience.

​“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”